Water heater repair & installation

We have heavily trained our team to be able to repair any hot water unit. Devine can also offer you the whole range of hot water units if a new one is required.

Gas heater repair & installation

We have only the best to offer our clients in heating, fast and reliable installs & repairs.




​Bathroom Plumbing renovation

DEVINE has worked on some of Adelaide's finest bathroom renovations and we pride our abilities on helping our clients create a space they can be proud of.  




Kitchen Plumbing renovation

Food always brings the family together, at DEVINE, we take you step by step to create a wonderful space that you & the family will love. 

Repair / Replace / Install plumbing fixtures

Leaking toilet? We can fix that!

Basin not draining? We can fix that!

Kitchen mixer not working?Leaking? We can fix that too!

There isn't much we can't do at DEVINE PLUMBING & GAS We have the skills and the tools to complete every job.


Water and gas meters

High Water or Gas bill? There is nothing worse than paying for something you haven't used. Let us help make sure your bill is where it should be. Both gas and water leaks are not something that should be looked over. Water damage can be costly, gas is unsafe to be taken in and is highly flammable. 

​Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can sometimes come at the worst time, the fear starts to set in about having to call a plumber and the cost to go with it. But that's not how it works at DEVINE PLUMBING & GAS.

Here at DEVINE, we are the leaders in this field with new age technology to make sure of it. We use tools that are not only faster but it doesn't come with the extreme cost of the 'traditional' ways of unblocking drains.   


DEVINE uses modern technology to make blocked drains a simple job to clear, this means keeping the cost down, and we pass the savings on to you.